Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Light it up!

After we had purchased a delicate period reproduction light shade for the hall from B&Q (1/2 Bola Counter Glass Shade Acid) - and I had forgotten it was in the bag, thrown it down on the table and smashed it, I was relieved when we spotted a pretty emerald green glass shade in the antiques shop for £7.

The shape, material and deep colour add a splash of interest in the hall, with its otherwise neutral decoration, which makes it a classy addition.
Adding a hint of colour to the simple, natural colour scheme.

 We spent some time deciding what kind of style of lampshade would suit the living room. We were open to any idea, from wicker to enamel.   

I am quite a fan of the enamel light shade and loved the idea of being able to create a mixture of styles within the room - a little rustic, a little country twee with a hint of industrial thrown in there with the light shade.

However, we decided that the feel of the room called for a much more delicate shade and in the end choose a cream chandelier style light. Which really does look lovely in the room!

 The lampshade cost less than £30 from B&Q. So its been great when people have mistaken it for a Laura Ashley, as their equivalent costs £200.

To complete the look we are thinking of installing a simple ceiling rose to complete the look.

Future project...

I made a discovery on a favourite website of mine ( http://www.etsy.com/ - a sort of eBay for artists and traders) of a quirky idea making lamp shades out of vintage glass jars.


The most popular jar to use are antique American Ball Mason canning jars. These are unfortunately scarcely come by in the UK.

Watch this space for our own UK version...

The vintage Kilner jars we purchased in Malvern

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