Thursday, 15 September 2011

A little tender love and care...

...Is all a little wooden cabinet we found slung outside a charity shop needed!

We had gone to the charity shop to drop off some old books and clothes of mine when outside in the drizzle was this poor cabinet looking sorry for itself, covered in dark varnish, dust and bird poo!

There was a very friendly woman who was helping us take all our donations in from the car and I asked her how much it was. "I`ll get the manager!" she shouted. About five minutes later a woman in her late 50s with a tight perm and glasses on a string appeared out of the shop. Without acknowledging me, she began to study the cabinet closely, pulling open drawers and twisting knobs. She rubbed her chin and stepped back-  I though all of this was a bad sign - until suddenly she looked at me and inquired..."£5?!" with a look on her face to say "is that too much?"

Well as you've probably guessed, we took the cabinet!

When we got it home we got straight to work together rubbing in nitromors varnish remover. It took a few coats and lots of rubbing! Then, once it had dried we sanded with sand paper and Ste finished it off with the small electric sander (the good old one used for the floors!) - As I cannot use it without getting serious pins and needles in my hands!

We then applied a couple of good coats of bees wax and here is the finished cabinet (which fits perfectly in the space next to the fire)...

Breathing new life into unloved objects

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