Tuesday, 1 May 2012

No money to dine out...dine in!

Hello everybody!! A dear and warm welcome to the first blog on At Home with Jo and Ste at in a very long time! I am conscious that this poor old blog has been some what neglected as of late!! So... lets start off with some good news...

The disaster of the front room -water damage/leak/accidental tap left on has been sorted. Ste booked off work some time so that the plasterer could re-plaster the ceiling- which as you can see looks fab!(excusing the temporary dangling light fixtures! haha)

The insurance told us that someone would come and paint the whole room for us too - all for free. All we had to do was choose the paint! Now, not wanted to let an opportunity slip by, me and Ste set about finding our favourite colour by the most expensive paint brand. Good old Farrow and Ball have some stunning colours -(Farrow and Ball).

It just so happened to be the day that the decorator came around we were both off work. He really was a lovely and friendly chap - who seemed to consume a cup of tea at least every ten minutes. (our kind of person!)

We had thought long and hard about a suitable colour for the room. With the room being south facing - receiving lots of light I  started to feel we could get away with a slightly more intense colour. In the end we both decided on a yellow colour Yellow ground. We think it suits the room, is classic and slightly quirky at the same time.

Ready for the picture rail...

Dumping ground...

The plan is for the room to eventually become a dining room... vintage table and chairs (passed down through the family) a fire, pictures hanging from the picture rail, second hand cupboard/shelves/burow, small settee in the window and lovely curtains (we are struggling to choose! We quite like the ones on Anthropologie but really dont know where to begin with colours/textures and style to match the colour of the walls)

The next stage was to rip up the laminate flooring to reveal a beautiful wooden floor (with a wasps nest underneath! -Luckily uninhabited!)

Ste must have pulled at least 500 staples out of that floor!

Let the sanding commence!