Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Salvage Salvage salvage!

I love salvage yards so we headed down to our local one which as recommended by Ste`s mum! 

When we arrived it was on an industrial estate and didn't look very big at all from the outside! My heart sank because I was convinced we were going to get a fire surround! When we went in there was this friendly old guy working on a table and a young guy welcomed us in. I noticed a fire surround on a balcony so we asked if we could go up to see it!...the only way up being a rickety old ladder! Ste climbed up all confidently, slowly followed by me! 

The fire surround was rotten and too narrow! So we had a little look at the antique doors and then descended down feeling a little deflated. But! When we arrived down I spotted another surround hidden behind 4 huge doors! It was the perfect size! It was a horrible orange colour! So I we sanded it down and applied a clear beeswax! (which made the wood smell lovely!)

We also got a few other bargains from the yard! 
An old fire surround for the bedroom! 
A reclaimed chimney pot to put in the front garden and have flowers in! 

We`re going to use these old edging stones/slates to edge the front garden! 

It turns out that Ste knew the owner (not the old man) from school! He recognised Ste from Primary school, so this helped us get a good deal on the surrounds!

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