Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The trunk coffee table

Why buy an unoriginal Ikea coffee table when you can have something more unique and be able to make a feature of it!

Originally we were umming and ahhing over whether Ste should make a home made coffee table, buy an antique table or a beautiful wooden antique blanket chest.
The blanket chest sounded appealing, we found a local guy who had one too, very similar to this one. But then I suddenly realised we were heading for wood overload! "Oh Ste! I exclaimed "We`ll have too much wood in the room! Wooden doors, wooden floors, wooden cabinet, wooden Tv bench..."

So it was then that I started looking into old suitcases and steamer trunks..but Ste wasn't impressed because they were all so low! I totally agreed with him...we would have bad backs in no time! But alas! I found a steamer trunk 20" tall...the perfect height!

So after another extensive search on the net, we finally came across one on eBay. Fortunately there was a 'Buy it Now' price, so without hesitation, probably due to the fact we had spent so long procrastinating over others we had become delirious; at the click of a button it was ours. For some mad reason we thought it would be easier to collect in person and so arranged to take a trip down to Northampton to pick it up! Unfortunately we chose a Friday afternoon and after an hour of being in various ques on the M6 the £30 delivery seemed like a bargain. Still, we got there OK and the guy selling it, 'Sebz' was incredibly friendly. We had a great chat about furniture, fashion, his life and the new buzz term 'Squaller-Chic'. He made us laugh because every time we told him about something we were doing on the house, he would shout "ITS ON FIRE"

So here it is, our lovely, quirky trunk coffee table...

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