Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little tricks!

Creating a dramatic difference with a very clever trick!

The light fittings in our house are plain and bland. I found a website which sells clip on switch faces! Its a very clever idea, which allows you to completely change the aesthetic look of a switch with no rewiring, just a few screws! (Convert-a-switch)
I ordered an antique look brass style but unfortunately the guy sent me a bright shiny brass by accident. So I set about antiquing it myself! After much research on the internet I decided to opt for the vinegar solution. After a few hours nothing had happened so I added more vinegar and a bit of salt! So in a moment of impatience I decided to become like George and his marvelous medicine and throw everything in! I put in an assortment of different vinegars, copious amounts of salt and nail polish remover, then heated it all up in the microwave thinking that would create a chemical reaction. I didn't want to wait, I wanted it antiqued that very day!

But, we did have to wait, and I'm glad we did because very gradually the switch began to change and the finished piece looks original and beautiful in the room. You would think it has been there for many years!
Bright shiny brass

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