Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Handmade home - Ste`s Tv bench

Our current Tv bench.

I think that deep down all men want to build. One day Ste announced he was going to make us a tv bench. To be honest I was all for it because the ones Id seen were either ridiculously expensive or cheap and nasty looking and the one we had already was not going to go at all.

Id suggested that we use a big wicker basket -trying to think creatively but the one we saw just wouldn't hold the weight and just probably wouldn't look right.

Fortunately Ste had piles of left over wooden beams and decking which his dad had given to him. So he set about creating the bench!

He grabbed a pencil and a pad of paper and I could see his excitement as he began to sketch out his design! Then he set to work measuring and sawing wood whist I kept him well fueled with regular cups of tea!

The bench in the early stages!

The pieces sanded and laid together.

The bench so far....

Update on the bench!

The other night
I was doing some painting in the living room, and Ste had gone to do some work on his bench, when I suddenly smelt a really intense chemical smell. Ste had been spraying the wood with a 'no knots' spray. It was so strong and he had sprayed the bench with no windows open or a mask on. Ste thought he was ok, until he started feeling sick later! 

Anyway solvent abuse aside, this is what the bench looks like now...

This is only the undercoat, so not that impressive so far... Watch out for further developments...

11th October 2011

The Tv bench is all it is in all its glory! 

Well done Ste!

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