Friday, 16 September 2011

The splendour of vintage cutlery and crockery

In June this year, to celebrate my birthday, we took a trip on the Seven Valley Railway. We took the train from the quaint Kidderminster station through the beautiful countryside, stopping at handsome little stations on the journey to our destination Bridgenorth.
A sign inside the gents toilets at Kidderminster station

Kidderminster station

We could have done with one of these for a coffee table!

Once we had arrived in Bridgenorth we headed to our favourite antiques shop and its there that Ste spotted some vintage cutlery bunched up and tied with ribbons. Ste began to reminisces of times gone by in his childhood - layering thick spreads with the same cream handled style butter knife.

The cutlery - six starter folks, six forks, six knives and six spoons were carefully wrapped up in brown paper and placed into a paper bag. We had lunch and then returned for our (heavy!) purchase, just in time to catch the train home!

We now use the cutlery daily - we wouldn't want to preserve these wonderfully homely pieces to 'best'. The material, weight, style and history of them means to use them every day just makes every mealtime feel that little bit more extra special.

They go perfectly with our crockery:

The only draw back of the set was that it came minus teaspoons! Now, we drink a lot of tea and so these were a necessity for us! However, a few weeks later during a trip to the historic town of Ludlow we struck lucky when we found some quirky apostle teaspoons on the flea market. A set of 6 for £5.

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