Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lamp crazy!!

Ikea lamp with glass base

On the Sunday before bank holiday Monday in August we took a trip to Ikea. It was so busy and I can never concentrate when its that busy and we couldn't make a decision on a lamp! (which we`d originally gone for) So we came away empty handed! 
I was convinced that we were going to have a table lamp and when Ste suggested a desk lamp I turned my nose up.

They say that you need to sleep on a decision and when I woke up Id suddenly had a change of heart! So we spent the whole of bank holiday Monday trying to decide which one to have. We ended up whittling it down to two! A slate blue lamp from John Lewis and a chrome lamp from 


We were just about to buy the John Lewis lamp when we decided to take a little look on eBay! I cant believe we didn't think that before!

So after much searching we discovered we loved the original Anglepoise lamps! We went lamps crazy and ended up buying 3 lamps within as many days! 1 white original Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp for £40. A beautiful green Herbert Terry Anglepoise won over 23 other bidders for £41 - we thought would go beautifully in the bedroom! And finally a reproduction anglepoise in cream which I managed to barter down to £15! We drove to pick it up and were knocking on the front door for ages with no response! Ste rang the mobile and there was no answer! So we got back into the car confused and left without the lamp! The next morning we were awoken by a phone call from the lamp lady! She was confused why we hadn't picked up the lamp! Haha!! It turns out id written the wrong house number down and we`d been waiting outside the wrong house! Bargain!


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