Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Beauty Which Lies Beneath!

 What is more satisfying and homely than uncovering hidden, original features in your home?

To create the shabby but neat and homely but earthy feel the very first thing we decided to do was to pull up the artificial wood laminate flooring to reveal original floorboards underneath. The floorboards were in dirty, dusty and had holes in from wood worm! 

Poor old Ste then began all of the painstaking hard work of sanding the original floorboards in what would become our living room and the front hallway. He used a hand held sander and did a little bit every night after work! I honestly don't know how he managed to do such a large area! I tried sanding a small area for less than five minutes and felt like I was developing white finger!

Once he had sanded the floorboards, Ste put some wood worm treatment on the floorboards. I think he sprayed it on 3 times and varnished them.

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