Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Water and Fire...the worst and best of natural resources!

First there was water...

The time has arrived!...we have a beautiful, real fire!! The day we had it fitted, which happened to be Ste`s birthday, also happened to be the day that the insurance people were coming over too (more about that later!)

It was like appearing in an episode of changing rooms..I wonder which one of us was Laurence Llewelyn Bowen!? Ste and I were flitting from one person to the next, one situation to the next!

Before we bask in the glorious glow of the stove, I will tell the story of the insurance visits! On the Tuesday night, I was finishing brushing my teeth when the cat jumped up at the tap and started to drink...so I left it on...not thinking....with the plug in! Then we slept

At 7am in the morning I was awoken by Ste, "Jo. we`ve had a disaster!"  So I followed him to the downstairs front room...

It really was like it was raining indoors! The water had ruined our hoover, sander and drill (among other things!) - all of the things that we have been needing so much lately! As well as soaking the ceiling, floors and sofa.

So back to the chaos of the fire fitting day...we had two lovely guys "the chimney pot men" fitting the fire in the back room and two different insurance companies, who began to argue about whether the front room ceiling needs replacing or not, in the front room!

There is a dehumidifier in the room right now trying to dry everything out! 

Then there was Fire...

So...here it is! After months and months of waiting! We are delighted with our decision to have a real stove fitted, it totally transforms the room - sure does make a house into a home!

The stove is called a Little Wenlock and fits perfectly into the space!

The antique Jersey potato container we store our wood in.

Now our house really is a home!

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